About Us

My name is Travis Richardson owner of Midwest Drywall, Inc. I started my journey working in the drywall field in the early 2000’s while I still lived in my home state of Wisconsin. Years later, my family and I decided to move to California, and in 2016 we founded Midwest Drywall, Inc.

Midwest Drywall is a subcontractor that focuses on servicing all of southern California. We started out offering small residential patching and repairs, and we have now grown into installing and finishing drywall in new residential and commercial buildings.

Our success is driven by strong relationships with our clients and our ability to continually focus on a variety of new and traditional products to suit every project’s needs. This ensures that we provide an extremely high-quality product, while staying on schedule and budget. We can accommodate anyone who needs drywall work done such as contractors, homeowners, and do-it-yourselfers in a professional manner using proven techniques. We are also prepared to give you informed suggestions to help generate cost savings solutions for all types of projects.

Please contact us for a professional estimate or if you have any questions or comments.